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The origin of UX

UX has been around for well over a few decades now but it wasn’t always termed as UX. The PC revolution and the web revolution essentially shaped the advent of what we call User Experience today. It was in 1995, right about when I was born when Don Norman first asked himself to be called a “UX Architect” when he was working at Apple. As Norman states, User Experience wasn’t just about designing apps and websites, but it was always about orchestrating the experience of the entire system. Let’s take the example of buying an iPhone, the first time you…

If you’re on this blog, I’m assuming you’re familiar with biases in the field of technology, especially in the workplace. We all have seen diversity programs at companies trying to bring about more equity. However, have you ever thought about how a lack of gender diversity in the workplace can lead to products and services that largely ignore the needs of women? I did not know how much it existed until one day I started noticing that the Google and Amazon voice assistants were much better at recognizing my male friend’s prompts and couldn’t understand mine. I decided to dig…

A pilot flying an aircraft and adjusting flight controls
A pilot flying an aircraft and adjusting flight controls
Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

From the steam gauges to glass cockpits, automation in aviation has come a long way. It has become integral to flying and pilots have become increasingly dependent on automation systems like autopilot, auto-throttle, and fly-by-wire. While these automation systems have hugely reduced the number of fatal crashes due to manual error, they have also led to new challenges and questions about where to draw the line, and with whom should the overruling control reside. In this article, I attempt to study the mapping of complex relationships between automation technologies and humans and talk about Actor-Network Theory [1] in aviation. …

I didn’t believe people when they said that as a Designer, they have to do a lot more than just design. But now that I’m almost at the end of my summer CX internship I cannot agree more to that statement. The past three months have been challenging, stressful, exciting, and empowering all at the same time. I am so thankful that I had an opportunity to work with Juniper Networks, that too in the middle of a pandemic!! I am even more thankful for my manager and team for the best learning experience I could have.

As a designer…

In the Spring of 2020, I had the pleasure of taking a course by Professor Erik Stolterman and he guided me to reflect on myself as a designer and figure out the things I value in good design. I would also like to state that this is something I know and believe in at this point but with time, I’m sure I’ll have more to add.

When I first started thinking about my design philosophy, I was daunted by it. As a junior designer who just started out, I was just trying to figure out the whats and hows of…

Parumita Sachdeva

Product Designer | Women & Tech leader

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